What Is Zarla?

Zarla is an AI website builder that creates complete websites, including text, images, and layout, in 30 seconds. Plus, you can launch your website from your phone and establish an online presence anytime, anywhere, leaving you more time to grow and run your business.

Zarla is not only simple but at the same time, also very professional. Every Zarla webpage is designed with perfect navigation, amazing graphic images, and a layout that takes into account both mobile gadgets and desktop computers. This ensures that your website is beautiful and also enables the visitors to have an enjoyable time while using it.

You can incorporate your business logo and branding into your site. The AI website builder offers a high-quality logo creation service that embodies your brand.

The website uses the very same colors and fonts that were utilized in your logo. This way, it establishes a strong, and visually attractive online presence.

Moreover, Zarla also provides a mobile editor, so you can edit your website while on your smartphone. This feature gives you the possibility to customize your website even without a computer.

With Zarla, you also get a free domain, SSL, and forwarding email. The developers want users to be safe, secure, and stand out online, and thus don’t charge for these important features.

It isn’t reflected in the monthly price, either. You’ll pay just $9/month for hosting at Zarla, with no extra charges or hidden fees, guaranteed.

For business owners who are looking to create an online presence without the hassle of traditional web development (or DIY drag-and-drop editors), Zarla is the simple solution to get a professional website online fast.



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Zarla AI Website Builder

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