What Is Conduit App?

Conduit is a useful AI tool for getting insights directly from your business data. It allows you to import data from hundreds of different sources like Shopify, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and more directly into Google Sheets. This gives you a centralized place to view all your important business metrics and information in one easy-to-use spreadsheet.

Once your data is imported, Conduit’s artificial intelligence can help you analyze it and answer questions directly from within Sheets. You don’t need any technical skills as you can simply ask plain English questions and it will provide the right insights based on your unique data. 

Conduit lets you work naturally where you already spend time – in Sheets. You can also use it within the Conduit app itself or third-party apps through their plugin. It’s a smart way to gain data-driven answers without having to switch tools or learn complex analytics programs.

On top of answering questions, Conduit can also automatically notify you via Slack or email about important changes in your numbers. This is great for keeping tabs on key metrics without constant manual checking.



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Conduit AI App

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