What Is Skills.ai?

Skills.ai is a useful tool that can help simplify the process of analyzing data and sharing your insights with others. The service uses artificial intelligence to turn raw data into polished presentations and reports without needing to write any code. 

One of the key benefits it offers is instantly generating client-focused materials from your data to help win new business. As someone who works with data, you know how putting together those types of deliverables can take a lot of time.

Skills.ai aims to simplify that process by providing AI-generated visuals like infographics and bar charts. It’s well-suited for academics who may have to frequently pull insights from research.

Another nice feature is the ability to interact with the AI through a question-and-answer interface. Rather than going back and forth with colleagues over email to get data questions answered, you can get immediate responses directly from the AI system.

The AI is powered by an advanced natural language model to understand complex analytics queries. It also integrates with a wide variety of communication and analytics platforms, including Slack, Google Analytics, and Search Console.



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