What Is Customers.ai?

Customers.ai is an AI tool that helps companies better understand and convert visitors into loyal customers. The AI-powered platform allows businesses to capture valuable information from their “unknown” website visitors.

Through first-party profiling, Customers.ai can enrich visitor profiles with demographic and interest attributes without traditional tracking methods. Armed with these profiles, the tool helps businesses in numerous ways.

It populates ad remarketing audiences at scale to grow your reach on platforms like Facebook.

Customers.ai also tracks and provides insights into each step of the customer journey in real time.

With this data, you’re able to recover abandoned carts. Perhaps most exciting is its ability to directly find new potential customers through interest-based matching. 

Also with Customers.ai, companies can send hyper-personalized, AI-generated emails to visitors to boost engagement rates. It enriches captured leads with additional customer data, allowing flexible segmentation of audiences.

Workflows are also triggered to ensure the right follow-up messages reach high-intent buyers at the right time.



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