What Is Decktopus AI?

Decktopus AI is an AI presentation assistant that can help you elevate your presentations. All you need to do is type in the presentation title and description to let it begin research and generate the copy and images.

The platform allows you to easily upload brand templates. This way, it ensures all your decks maintain a consistent look and messaging that strengthens your company’s visual identity. 

Decktopus’ organization features can benefit both individual presenters and entire teams. Being able to manage all presentations in one organized panel and oversee projects by department simplifies work significantly.

The drag-and-drop design capabilities take away the stress of formatting so you can focus on content. You have full control over visual elements like fonts and images through a simple interface that allows you to craft slides that perfectly suit your needs. 

The tool also guides you to start strong and weave cohesive themes throughout your storytelling.

You can even convert static PDFs into dynamic presentations automatically using Decktopus. By analyzing its contents, the AI breathes new life into documents so they resonate.



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Decktopus AI

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