What Is SlidesAI?

SlidesAI is a tool that can take any written text and turn it into a presentation for you automatically. No more spending hours creating slides from scratch as this AI can do it in just seconds!

All you have to do is paste your text into SlidesAI. It will analyze the content and generate a series of professional-looking slides with the key points, summaries, quotes, and more. The slides will have visuals, formatting, and a logical flow so they tell the story of your text.

It’s perfect for turning essays, articles, reports, or other documents into presentations. The AI understands different topics and can create presentations about anything. You can also just give it a topic if you don’t have existing text.

Once it generates the slides, you can customize them too. Change up the colors, fonts, layouts – whatever you want. You can even search for images to add from their huge stock photo library. 

If you need to tweak any of the slides or sentences, you can easily paraphrase or edit the content. The AI will even find citations for you if needed.

SlidesAI is available for Google Slides. You can install it from Google Workspace Marketplace.



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