What Is GPTGO?

GPTGO, formerly GooGPT, is an AI search engine and chatbot. You probably know of Google, the giant of online search engines.

Also, you may have heard of ChatGPT, an AI text-based assistant created by OpenAI to be helpful, harmless, and honest. Well, a new search engine called GPTGO combines the features of both. 

When you search on GPTGO, it works just like Google. You get all the relevant information related to your search query.

But here’s the twist GPTGO provides answers from ChatGPT as the search results. So if you have a question, rather than just getting links you get a detailed response from ChatGPT explaining the topic.

This means GPTGO could be extremely useful for quick fact-checks or getting explanations for concepts you’re unsure about. And the best part is you don’t need a separate ChatGPT account as GPTGO has integrated ChatGPT directly so you can take advantage of its intelligence completely free.

Behind the scenes, GPTGO utilizes ChatGPT’s API to give you the fastest, most accurate answers possible through conversational responses. The creators of GPTGO have also designed it with your privacy and security in mind.

It doesn’t store or track any personal information about you or your searches. Everything takes place anonymously to protect your data.



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