What Is Palette.fm?

Palette.fm is an AI-powered picture colorizer. If you ever come across old black-and-white photos that you wish you could see in color, Palette can do just that within seconds. 

It works by using artificial intelligence trained on thousands of color images. You simply upload your black and white photo, choose from one of their 21 different color filters, and instantly your photo transforms before your eyes with vibrant and realistic colors.

Palette.fm can pick up on subtle details in the photos and apply accurate, natural-looking hues that make the scenes come to life. The light and shadows look very realistic too.

The best part is you don’t even need to create an account. You can try it completely free and get previews of each colorized photo.

But if you want more advanced features like customizing the colors yourself or uploading multiple photos at once, they do offer paid subscription plans starting at just a few dollars per month.

If you have any old family photos sitting in your attic that you’d love to see in color, you can give Palette.fm a try. It only takes a few minutes but the results feel like you’re traveling back in time!



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