What Is REimagine Home?

REimagine Home is an AI tool for creating visually appealing interior or exterior designs. It’s a total game-changer for anyone in real estate, interior design, or home remodeling.

It’s perfect for realtors who need to spruce up listing photos, photographers giving potential buyers a glimpse of a home’s potential, or interior designers exploring new layouts. But homeowners can have fun with it too!

One of its interesting features allows you to instantly clear out clutter or stage an empty room virtually. You can remodel entire spaces by swapping out floors, walls, and cabinets with realism. 

The exterior tools let you upgrade curb appeal too. You’re able to change the landscaping, enhance water features, replace the sky, and make it all pop.

REImagine Home is also great for visualizing bathroom remodels. It doesn’t matter whether you want to see your bathroom with new tiles, lighting, or closets.

Best of all, this tool is intuitive and easy to use. There’s zero learning curve as you can start virtually staging, remodeling, and designing your own (or a client’s) home in minutes.



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REimagine Home

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