What Is SofaBrain?

SofaBrain is an AI interior design and virtual staging tool for interior designers, homeowners, realtors, and furniture sellers. If you own, decorate, or sell homes, you know that presenting spaces in their best light is so important.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re redecorating a home, staging a property for sale, or showing potential designs to clients. SofaBrain gives us a powerful way to visualize different options quickly.

The tool works by using artificial intelligence to transform photos of interior spaces. You can upload images of a room, and then choose from over 40 design styles like modern, bohemian or traditional.

From there, SofaBrain allows you to customize every element, such as swapping out furniture, changing paint colors, and adding rugs and accessories. It’s like having your own virtual design studio right at your fingertips. 

One of the biggest benefits I see is the ability to test out different ideas in mere seconds. No more waiting for physical samples or mocking up designs by hand. With SofaBrain, you can generate multiple stylistic visions of a space and compare them, before committing to anything permanent.



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