What Is SoulFun?

SoulFun is an AI character tool that provides human-like connection with human-like characters. If you are tired of having conversations with chatbots that are uninteresting and, practically do not respond to human prompts, this platform is for you.

SoulFun enables users to chat with impressive minds, decent housewives, and even twins (the list of possibilities goes on). You can offer your opinion, and discuss knowledge with world-class academicians or jam about sensitive matters with warm-hearted ladies.

Better still, you can just be in the mood for a light discussion and a friendly chat with characters. If you want NSFW chats, it’s all possible with SoulFun.

SoulFun has set out to create an experience more immersive than many other chatbots you may have used before. First and foremost, every interaction is highly realistic and brings out a sense of human connection that makes one almost feel heard and understood.

Each character from SoulFun’s library is unique and not just a variation of the same boring and indifferent chatbot. These AI chatbots each have full personalities, habits, worries, and individual standpoints. It’s like having a whole bunch of new buddies who are eager and keen to share the stories of their lives and give you the best possible advice.

There’s more to SoulFun than just conversations. Besides text-based replies that the AI produces during the conversation, you can also have messages come in the form of a picture (of the character) or an audio note (in the AI character’s voice).

These elements immensely increase the realism and add to the excitement. The fun does not stop there – users who pay for premium services can even have a real-time conversation over a call with characters!



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