What Is Vocalize.fm?

Vocalize.fm is an AI song cover creator and voice changer app. If you have a favorite song and you’ve been trying hard to hunt for its instrumental version Vocalize lets you easily create your own AI-powered covers within a few clicks.

This is what happens: the app has access to thousands of trending AI voices from its community library. Simply pick the one that mostly aligns with the emotion of your song, and the AI will create a cover for you consisting just of the vocals.

But what if you don’t want to use any random voice? What if you need to make it more personal?

Vocalize can also help you clone your voice and use it to sing any song. To do this, you just upload samples of your voice.

When you sign up for Vocalize, you receive 3 free voice generation credits. You don’t need to withdraw your credit to explore the tool.



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