What Is Voiser?

Voiser is a platform with a bunch of innovative AI audio and video tools that can be super useful for content creators. First off, their text-to-speech functionality allows you to convert text into high-quality audio files in just minutes using AI. The AI voices sound human and can save a ton of time versus traditional voiceover work.

Voiser also has speech-to-text transcription. Getting accurate audio transcripts automatically through AI could be a real game-changer for things like meetings, interviews, or podcasts. Being able to search and navigate long-form audio easily is a huge benefit. 

Their WebReader tool is clever too. It can automatically read aloud content on your website and open it up to more users. Combined with their voiceover API, it becomes easy for developers to integrate natural-sounding voices into their apps and products.

What’s more, the platform has dubbing and translation capabilities for YouTube videos. And their YouTube subtitle generator makes videos more accessible and suitable to a global audience. 

As if that’s not enough, the AI can map faces to voices and keep lips in sync. All you do is upload an image of your face to create a custom talking avatar, to which you can also add your voice.



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