What Is ZipWP?

ZipWP is an AI website builder that turns what can often be a tedious process into an enjoyable joyride. All you have to do is describe your business in a few sentences.

From there, you can just relax as their artificial intelligence gets to work building you a fully functional WordPress website. And, the process happens in as little as 60 seconds! 

The AI analyzes your business description and picks the perfect design template for you. It also generates professionally written website content tailored specifically to your business. Relevant images and visuals are selected and inserted into the site automatically.

Before you know it, you have a complete, polished-looking website ready to launch. But that’s not all as their AI assistant is on hand to help you customize any aspect of the site to fit your branding and vision.

Things like adding plugins, modifying the theme, or inserting custom code can all be done with ease, given there’s access to the WordPress CMS. And once complete, you have the freedom to transfer your site to any hosting provider of your choice.



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