Getting professional photos for your resume or LinkedIn profile can be a hassle. You have to schedule a photo shoot, make sure that you look your best on the day, and deal with the associated costs.

Then you’re left hoping the photos turn out high quality enough to represent you well. Wouldn’t it be nice if getting a great headshot was as easy as taking a selfie?

Now there are AI tools that can generate professional-looking CV photos without all the effort of a traditional photo shoot. The best AI CV photo generators on the market today can craft polished headshots that look just as good as if they were taken by a human photographer.

In this article, we’ll review some of the top AI CV photo generators available. We’ll compare their features, ease of use, photo quality, and pricing to help you decide which tool is best for creating the perfect virtual headshot without ever leaving your home.

Aragon AI

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What Is the Best AI Resume Photo Maker?

Below is a list of the best AI tools for generative CV photos online quickly and effortlessly.


One of the earliest tools to pioneer AI-generated headshots was Developed by top AI researchers from companies like Meta and Microsoft, Aragon truly pushed the boundaries of what was possible with computer vision technologies when it launched in 2022. 

What makes Aragon so impressive is just how realistic the photos look. With several other tools, you can tell the images aren’t real photographs — there’s something just slightly off.

But Aragon’s headshots were incredibly lifelike. They could have easily passed as pictures taken with a DSLR.

The process of generating a professional photo using Aragon is incredibly simple. Rather than scheduling a full photo shoot, all Aragon required was uploading around 6 selfies from different angles.

You also need to select details about yourself like gender, age, ethnicity, and eye color. It’s important to keep these accurate.

Aragon’s sophisticated neural networks then analyze the images to understand proportions, textures, and lighting. From there, it generates a huge variety of poses and compositions with different backgrounds.

And the best part? It takes just minutes to get a curated selection of professional portraits without ever leaving your home!

Top Features

  • 20-100 headshots generated
  • Upto 50 outfits and backgrounds
  • 30-60 minutes delivery time

Pricing is a paid tool with packages starting at $35/user/session.

2. SnapHeadshots


Next up is SnapHeadshot, which has quickly become another top option for AI-generated portraits. What makes SnapHeadshot stand out is its focus on speed and convenience.

While some tools take over an hour from upload to finished images. SnapHeadshot prides itself on getting high-quality headshots back to you within 45 minutes.

Like Aragon and other similar tools, it uses selfies as the input. SnapHeadshot’s neural networks can analyze your regular photos and generate a wider variety of stylized looks. 

You can get headshots with different colored backgrounds, poses, facial expressions, and even customized outfits. All without having to physically change your clothes or set up lighting.

Another thing is that SnapHeadshot makes the experience incredibly simple with its AI Photobooth for taking selfies. You don’t need photography expertise to use it.

Or, just upload 10 selfies from your phone and let the AI work its magic. The app even sends you a notification once your headshots are ready to download.

Top Features

  • 30-120 headshots generated
  • Up to 16 professional styles
  • 45-90 minutes delivery time
  • 1 free rerun on the Premium package


SnapHeadshots is a paid tool with packages starting at $29/user/session.

3. ProPhotos


Now for the third major player, we have ProPhotos. While other similar AI photo apps focus mainly on business headshots, ProPhotos took a more creative approach.

What set ProPhotos apart was their vast library of “looks”  that are career-specific. So it isn’t just suits and professional attire as the AI can transform your selfies to make it seem like you are a doctor, mechanic, firefighter, or something else.

ProPhotos has dozens of outfit designs, backgrounds, and poses to choose from. All you have to do is pick a scenario and upload some of your selfies.

The generated photos are realistic yet fun. Under the hood, ProPhotos’ AI imaging capabilities smoothly merge clothing, accessories, and environments with your selfie uploads nearly flawlessly.

Top Features

  • 40-160 headshots generated
  • Up to 12 background styles and 8 clothing styles
  • 30-90 minutes delivery time
  • Unlimited customization in the Professional (highest) package


ProPhotos is a paid tool with packages starting at $25/user/session.

4. Alter AI

Alter AI

Next on this list of the top AI resume picture makers is Alter AI. This AI tool takes a subtler approach to enhance what’s already there and ensure the result is a mirror of you.

Rather than uploading just one or two selfies, Alter AI asks you to submit 15 photos showing different angles, expressions, and lighting.

In less than an hour, Alter AI generates a portfolio of up to 120 high-resolution headshots for you. But what sets Alter AI apart is its meticulous focus on realism.

The goal is not to completely reimagine or “alter” your look, but rather refine the photos in a way that’s indistinguishable from how a human photographer might. Subtle tweaks are made to lighting, clarity, and small imperfections.

But your overall appearance, identity, and personality shine through authentically. Alter AI focuses on enhancing the natural you, not transforming into something else artificially.

Top Features

  • 40-120 headshots generated
  • Up to 30 styles
  • 45-90 minute delivery time


Alter AI is a paid tool with packages starting at $14.99/user/session, making it one of the cheapest AI CV photo generators you can get.

5. Dreamwave AI

Dreamwave AI

Dreamwave is an AI platform created by independent researchers and engineers who have worked on machine learning at MIT, Google Brain, and Meta. Through its advanced generative models, Dreamwave lets you create not just headshots, but entire scenes featuring customized versions of themselves.

You just have to select and add 5 or more regular photos of yourself. Within an hour, the AI can generate realistic photos that place your likeness into realistic environments, outfits, and poses.

How does a photo showing you as a lawyer at a corporate location or a professional in high-end attire of your favorite color sound? Dreamwave makes it a reality.

What’s truly impressive is how life-like and believable the images are. Dreamwave’s models are trained to understand human anatomy and lighting in a way that avoids the uncanny valley effect.

Top Features

  • 120-500 headshots generated
  • 100+ professional clothing and backgrounds
  • AI photo editor
  • Free redos on the Standard and Best Value packages
  • Free human touchups on the Best Value (highest) package
  • 2 hours delivery time


Dreamwave AI is a paid tool with packages starting at $35/user/session.

6. Headshot Pro

Headshot Pro

If you need another great option for AI-generated CV headshots, Headshot Pro may interest you. Its sophisticated AI models can generate presentation-ready photos of you suitable for use in business settings. 

The process is simple as you just upload a few selfies and Headshot Pro’s AI gets to work. Within minutes, you’ll receive up to 120 different headshot options with a variety of stylish backgrounds and outfits.

Headshot Pro doesn’t take outfit matters lightly. You can have yourself in various types of professional corporate attire, such as a blazer, doctor’s coat, suit, cardigan, or dress.

The colors are also formal (subdued and neutral) to show seriousness and sophistication. They include blue, black, navy, white, and grey.

Top Features

  • 40-120 headshots generated
  • Upto 12 unique backgrounds and 12 clothing styles
  • 2 hours delivery time


HeadshotPro is a paid tool with packages starting from $29/user/session.

7. PFP Maker

PFPMaker Headshots

Lastly, we have PFP Maker, a free AI CV photo maker. Now while it may not have all the bells and whistles of paid services, for quick and no-cost professional photos, it may do the trick depending on your needs.

With PFP Maker, all you need is one good selfie and the AI transforms it into an entire collection of polished business portraits. Within moments you can preview and download high-quality headshots with a variety different stylish backdrops and colors. 

You can play around with backgrounds, filters, and styles until you find the perfect look. Then download as many versions as you need, completely free of charge.

Now of course, as a free service for headshots, it doesn’t allow generating poses from scratch. But for simple background changes to a photo you already have, it gets the job done impressively well.

To get better quality, you can try SnapHeadshots (mentioned above), which is a premium product of PFP Maker.

Top Features

  • Background changer
  • 20+ headshots generated
  • Instant delivery


PFP Maker is a free tool.

What Is an AI CV Photo Generator and How Does It Work?

AI photo generators are a clever use of technology that can produce high-quality images of human faces from simple inputs like a selfie or text description. Essentially, these tools use artificial intelligence and computer vision to take an existing photo of you, like a selfie, and manipulate it to create all new portraits.

Behind the scenes, there are sophisticated neural networks have been trained on huge datasets of professional photography. When you upload your photo, the AI analyzes your facial features, skin tone, hair color, and more.

It then uses this information to generate additional images of you in different poses, with alternative backgrounds and styling. Some tools even let you customize things like clothing, accessories, or environmental factors.

The AI smoothly composites these new elements together to produce photo-realistic images of you that look unique. It’s almost like having a personal photographer follow you around capturing shots from every angle.

But the best part is you can get dozens of high-quality images in just minutes. There’s no need to leave your home, meaning they save you money and time!

Tips for Using AI CV Photo Generators

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of AI photo generators:

  • Start with a good source photo. Make sure the original selfie is high-quality, well-lit, and clearly shows your face. Outdoor natural light works best.
  • Upload more than enough. Adding multiple source photos allows the AI model to learn better about your facial features and provide the best results.
  • Pose naturally and smile. The AI does its best work when it can see your full face. Avoid sunglasses or hats that obscure features.
  • Play with backgrounds and styles. Part of the fun is seeing all the different looks you can create. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various options.
  • Edit if needed. Some generators let you tweak small details in the generated photos like cropping or brightness. Make adjustments to polish your favorites.


In summary, AI CV photo generators provide an incredibly convenient way to get high-quality, professional-looking pictures without the hassle or expense of a traditional photoshoot. They leverage machine learning magic to transform simple selfies into polished headshots and portraits.

Within minutes you can preview and download dozens of unique images. These images are customized with different backdrops, lighting effects, and styles.

As the technology continues to advance, AI generators will only get smarter at analyzing faces and compositing natural-looking photos. The quality and customization options will also improve over time.

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