What Is AudioPen?

AudioPen is an AI writing assistant and note-taking tool. If you are sick of attempting to decode your own handwritten notes or spending hours typing up your voice recordings, this can be an ingenious solution for you.

Using AudioPen is the easiest thing in the world. You just have to speak into your smart device and watch as your voice notes are made into clear, easily readable text.

No more squinting at scribbles or struggling to keep up with your own thoughts. Whether you are jotting down meeting notes, writing an email, or maybe outlining the first draft of a new article, AudioPen will take care of all the work for you.

Talking is your only task, the app will transform your voice into neat, and sharp text that is ready to be shared in no time. You can also upload existing audio files and convert them to text.

The most awesome thing is that AudioPen is quite versatile. Not only can this AI productivity tool convert your voice notes into text, but it can also produce content in almost every language you can imagine. Thus, if you are part of a global team or need to communicate with a client in a different language, AudioPen is there for you.

And in case you want to take your AI-powered productivity to the next level, you can buy the AudioPen Prime which comes with a crowd of excellent features. There are quite a few options to enhance the writing process, like deciding a specific writing style and managing your folders and tags.



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