What Is Trevor AI?

Trevor AI is a scheduling assistant that helps regain a sense of control over your busy schedule. It could be that you feel like you’re constantly treading water, with too many tasks and not enough time.

Thousands have made Trevor their go-to daily planner due to its AI-powered time-blocking technology. With Trevor, you can easily visualize all of your competing commitments and responsibilities in one organized to-do list. 

You can also smoothly transition between work projects, family duties, self-care, and more by scheduling tasks directly into your calendar alongside meetings and events. Also, you get a chance to minimize distractions with Trevor’s focus on one-task-at-a-time blocks.

Time blocking with Trevor promotes calmness and clarity. It ensures enough slots for every important task weighing on your mind. Trevor even helps break large projects into manageable chunks to get started.

Drag and drop scheduling is simple, and you can choose to leverage Trevor’s AI suggestions for optimal times. Rescheduling is effortless until task completion and each task stays synced across devices.

Best of all, Trevor can adapt to your unique rhythms and routines. The AI app learns from your planning sessions to offer customized scheduling help tailored just for you.



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Trevor AI

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