What Is Motion?

Motion is an intelligent calendar app that uses artificial intelligence to automatically schedule your day. It can analyze all your tasks, events, and commitments to intelligently prioritize and auto-schedule them on your calendar.

The Motion AI is smart enough to reshuffle your calendar if emergencies or unplanned tasks come up. If something new gets added or a meeting needs to be moved, the tool quickly finds the best slots to shift everything around to accommodate the changes smoothly.

Top Features

⦿ Smart calendar app

⦿ Task and project management

⦿ Scheduling assistant

⦿ Chrome extension


Motion is for anyone who needs to enhance productivity, including freelancers, business owners, executives, and teams. The app is also good for students who need help managing their schedules and getting work done.

Motion has prices starting at $34/month. You can pay monthly or annually and there’s a 7-day free trial.

Motion syncs with not only Google but also Microsoft Outlook calendars. You can be sure that the AI tool will capture every task or activity on your schedule and help you achieve all your day’s goals.

Yes, Motion is an AI tool that can use your input and calendar information to help you stay organized, and suits people with ADHD. You can experience fewer low-performance and time-management issues!



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