What Is CustomGPT?

CustomGPT is an AI custom GPT builder that enables you to create a smart assistant using only your company’s information. It works by scanning through all your website content, internal documents, and even customer support tickets.

Once it understands all that material, your CustomGPT assistant will be able to answer questions like a real person! Customers will feel like they’re chatting with an employee because the responses will be tailored exactly to your company’s products, services, and brand.

The GPT won’t make things up either. It sticks to the facts found in your content. 

You can put your custom GPT assistant on your website and watch customer engagement soar. People will get personalized service without having to wait for a real person.

And because the assistant knows your business inside and out, it can help guide sales too. Your employees will also benefit because CustomGPT can take over basic support tasks, freeing them up for more strategic work.

Setting it all up is a breeze too. No coding or tech degrees are needed since the platform does the heavy lifting.

You just feed it your content and deploy the assistant. Plus it’s private and secure since your data never leaves your systems.



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