What Is Elephant.ai?

Elephant.ai is an AI-powered chatbot that can turn your website into a dynamic sales machine. If you want an always-on virtual assistant that gives immediate support, qualifies leads, and keeps visitors engaged by learning from your content, Elephant.ai does all that for you and more.

It employs advanced artificial intelligence technology to instantly answer up to 90% of the customer questions hence minimizing email chains and frustrations. The chatbot automation tool can free up lots of time so you focus on other matters.

Chatbots aren’t new, but what sets Elephant.ai apart is how finely they are tuned through the use of only sources you feed them with as their repository of knowledge. This means that each feedback given remains relevant, accurate, and precise enough to provide dependable customer service to every user.

Whenever a matter requires personal attention from your clientele, Elephant seamlessly hands it over to human agents within your business support team. This way, even the most intricate problems get solved using skills possessed by those who interact with customers directly.

Now, Elephant.ai integrates perfectly well with numerous popular platforms used by your clients such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Zapier, WordPress, and Shopify among others. In other words, you get a chance to offer outstanding customer care services through their favorite channels.



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