What Is Tars Chatbots?

Tars Chatbots is a tool for creating engaging chatbots. Using it, you can build bots that speak in over 25 languages to reach customers globally.

There are 1000+ pre-built templates as a starting point. You can choose any of them and then customize them further through the drag-and-drop builder. 

It’s possible to publish chatbots in different formats like widgets, standalone pages, or WhatsApp. It allows for integrating the bots across multiple touchpoints easily. 

The integration with 1000+ apps like CRMs for moving data is wonderful. Such a level of connectivity can streamline important workflows.

But there’s something more about Tars Chatbots, which is, the option to create engaging voice bots. You simply add “?_speak” in any bot’s URL (at the end) and have it vocalize responses. 

You can even customize the accents further and take localization up a notch. This way, you’ll ensure the “voice” matches users’ demographics and boost understanding.



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Tars Chatbots

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