What Is Chatsimple?

Chatsimple is a useful sales AI tool that can make your website a lead-generating machine. It’s for if you’re fed up with being unable to convert visitors on your site to customers.

Imagine if there was an expert salesperson who could engage in conversation, set up meetings, qualify leads, and follow up with them until closing the deal without requiring your effort. That’s exactly what Chatsimple does for you!

Using Chatsimple means that everyone visiting your site will be attended to and pushed toward relevant products or case studies immediately. It ensures you don’t miss any opportunity since it captures leads for you while aiding in closure.

Chatsimple has made its interface so user-friendly, such that setting up an AI sales bot takes 5 minutes. Not forgetting the fact that it accommodates over 175 languages to enable global reachability.

What’s more, this isn’t some ordinary chatbot; rather it serves as a proactive engagement tool. It assists in collecting details about all visitors all day long, qualifying their needs, and summarizing data regarding customer issues.



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