What Is FastBots?

FastBots is a chatbot creation tool. First, it allows you to easily build a chatbot using various types of content like webpages, documents, and videos.

Adding an automated chatbot to your arsenal can be helpful for customers by providing fast answers around the clock. It’s basically like having an extra employee available anytime to assist with common inquiries.

The process is simple. Simply importing these materials is a great way to train the bot on your business information.

FastBots allows you to brand your bot with company colors to fit with your brand image. Being able to customize the chat icon and bot’s persona further allows you to tailor it for different uses.

You can choose between powerful language models like GPT-3, GPT-4, and Claude depending on your needs, and access all chat history for each bot. And the security of military-grade encryption for uploaded data is a nice assurance.

There’s multi-lingual support with over 90 languages is wonderful for reaching an international audience. Plus integrations like Zapier and CMS platforms allow for streamlined workflows.



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