What Is LiveChat?

LiveChat is a comprehensive customer service platform that leverages AI to handle up to 80% of your customer inquiries. It suits you if you’re tired of your support team becoming overwhelmed by recurring customer requests

Picture having an AI co-pilot who can share some of the burden with your support reps so they have more time for complex customer problems. This is exactly what LiveChat’s AI chatbots do.

When it comes down to engaging with visitors on your site, don’t worry; this tool has you covered too! You can set up automatic messages that pop out before someone even thinks about leaving. Or, if you prefer, you can start chats with selected visitors on your own, providing them with advice and product recommendations right in the chat.

With LiveChat’s reports, you don’t need an in-house analyst to understand what exactly customers want at any given moment because everything can be seen clearly. These real-time insights are great for making decisions backed up by data, letting you boost satisfaction rates whilst driving repeat business upwards.

And if none of this has convinced you yet then consider our integration capabilities. LiveChat integrates smoothly into many popular web platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify, allowing it to mold itself perfectly around any business model imaginable.



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