What Is Tidio?

Tidio is a customer service software that can propel your business growth within no time. It’s all possible through Lyro, an AI chatbot.

This AI-driven customer service chatbot solution can handle up to 70% of all your customer inquiries without any human intervention. That’s up to 70% of their problems on any live channel, in 7 different languages within 6 seconds only by using your business data and speaking like a person to them.

Can you calculate how much time and money would be saved from automating these regular customer inquiries? Imagine too; it relieves your support agents to focus on more complex high-value requests hence enabling the provision of outstanding customer support service.

Tidio has another awesome feature – a powerful live chat that allows real-time conversation with visitors as they mill around on your website. This means tracking what people do when they come – something helpful especially if you provide different goods or services through one portal.

You can personalize their experience using discounts and boom! You have never seen such high sales before.

Furthermore, Tidio brings all your communication channels into a single place through which messages can be managed using one dashboard. Here, response time is reduced by ticket filtering and prioritizing, and you’re able to track agent performance through rich analytics providing useful insights.

Also, with Tidio’s sales and support automation, you can easily lead people on. Be there when they are needed most (before or after business hours) and automatically walk them down different paths toward becoming customers using Tidio’s Flows templates.



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