What Is DetectGPT?

DetectGPT is an advanced and reliable AI content detector and humanizer. It’s trained on billions of words, giving it the ability to accurately detect if a text has been generated by an AI model, including ChatGPT, GPT4, Gemini, and more.

DetectGPT’s results have a 99% accuracy rate. With its unparalleled precision in content analysis, you can trust that DetectGPT will identify AI-written content and help you check for plagiarized text across the internet.

One of the standout features of DetectGPT is its Original Content Certification. This allows you to prove the authenticity of your content and share analysis links with clients, showcasing the uniqueness that sets your work apart. 

DetectGPT also offers a range of additional features to enhance the quality and integrity of your content. The built-in plagiarism checker ensures originality and integrity in every piece, while the fact-checking capabilities help you verify the accuracy of the information you’re presenting.

Furthermore, the readability score feature enables you to craft content that captivates and communicates effectively, engaging your audience and leaving a lasting impression. And the future holds even more exciting developments as DetectGPT is soon to introduce the ability to detect AI-generated visuals.

Whether you’re a teacher, a student, or a writer, DetectGPT is here to support you. Educators can use it to ensure academic integrity, while students can leverage it to verify the originality of their work and prevent unintentional plagiarism.

Writers, in turn, can rely on DetectGPT to boost the uniqueness of their content and avoid submitting average AI-made work to clients. For organizations, DetectGPT has also built an easy-to-use API for integrating its AI detection abilities into your tools and workflows.



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