What Is ZeroGPT?

ZeroGPT is an AI-powered tool that can detect if a text was generated by AI systems like ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, and more. The tool uses advanced deep learning techniques, called DeepAnalyseTM Technology, to analyze text on multiple levels.

It looks at patterns at the macro and micro levels to determine if the text has the hallmarks of being AI-generated. This means that it can even flag partially AI-generated texts.

You simply need to copy and paste or upload text to check. ZeroGPT will highlight any sentences it detects as coming from an AI. It also provides an accuracy percentage of how much of the text was written by an AI.

ZeroGPT can achieve up to 98% accuracy in its detection. So you can have confidence in the results. It’s helpful for situations like checking documents for plagiarism from AI models or just verifying the original human source of content.

The tool is free to use for limited checks. It also offers premium paid features like batch processing of multiple files, API access for organizations, and integrations.



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