What Is Passed AI?

Passed AI is a trusted solution in AI detection that helps learners and educators navigate the world of AI in studies. It serves as a comprehensive platform that utilizes AI algorithms used by Originality.AI to help maintain academic integrity. 

Say you’re a student and you’ve been incorrectly accused of using AI for your assignments. Passed AI provides detailed reports using industry-leading AI and plagiarism detection tools to verify the uniqueness of your work and clear your name.

Passed AI also works for teachers and tutors. You can access an AI Detection Score to measure the extent of generated text in someone’s writing, a Plagiarism Score to ensure proper citation practices and a Paste-Ins Analysis to review all pasted content within documents.

What’s more, Passed.AI provides a detailed overview of changes and timestamps to demonstrate if there was genuine engagement with the assignment. You can identify individual contributions, their extent, and the time spent on the document.

The Passed AI Chrome extension takes things to the next level. You get a chance to use the AI’s abilities directly on Google Docs.



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Passed AI

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