What Is Revocalize AI?

Revocalize AI is a voice generation and audio-enhancing tool that focuses on hyperrealism, designed for sound engineers, artists, creators, and music enthusiasts. Have you ever thought that in the future you should never record anything at the studio yet you end up with a studio quality of your audio content?

Through the use of Revocalize, you can access an extensive catalog of officially licensed AI voice models. Each one offers a unique vocal character that can breathe new life into your music, videos, or any other project you dream up.

The best part is that you can also create your own voice using Revocalize AI. All you need to do is upload a voice sample to clone it.

The audio has to contain a single voice. Also, it should have no sound effects and be lengthy enough with variation in pitch and tempo.

Revocalize caters to all your vocal needs. Whether you need to hit high notes with real-time auto-tune, generate dynamic vocal variations, or fine-tune your voice with professional modulation tools for pitch, volume, tone, and pace, you’re covered.

There’s also a Revocalize VST plugin. You can use it with your ideal digital audio workstation, such as Logic Pro.



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Revocalize AI

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