What Is Unreal Speech?

Unreal Speech is an AI-powered text-to-speech tool available as an API for businesses utilizing this technology on their sites and apps. If you have had enough of those mechanical, drone-like text-to-speech tones that just don’t do it anymore, you’re in for a treat because the answer is called Unreal Speech.

Unreal Speech isn’t just “another text-to-speech tool.” But what makes this one so special?” 

First thing, this AI-driven web app is meant to turn any written words into ultra-realistic sounding speech that will knock your socks off. Unreal Speech provides a variety of voices, both male and female.

At the moment, these voices are available with that lovely American accent we know and adore. And if that isn’t enough, you can also change the pitch and adjust speed settings however you like to suit your voice preferences.

That’s not even the best part yet! Unreal Speech is incredibly cheap too; it costs only a fraction of what some big-name competitors charge for API access and can be up to 90% cheaper!

Also, the longer you use this service, the cheaper it becomes (thanks to volume discounts). That’s correct, with Unreal Speech, the more you utilize it, the less money each usage will cost in the end.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Unreal Speech is available for free if you need less than  250K characters spoken (that’s right). You can download the generated audio in MP3 at no cost and only upgrade if your needs demand it!



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Unreal Speech

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