What Is Verbalate?

Verbalate is your one-stop service deliverable for all video translation and dubbing requirements. Do you ever feel like you’re spending a lot of energy trying to attract customers from around the world to your audio and video content?

With Verbalate, you can effortlessly translate your videos into over 200 different languages, while maintaining the perfect lip sync and voice quality. It’s something that creators, e-learning platforms, and marketers can find highly useful.

Verbalate’s fantastic AI voice generation technology allows you to escape from the problem of doing manual translations and dubbing. You just need to upload the video file you want to the site, tick the languages that you want to translate into, and then Verbalate will do the rest.

Verbalate is more than just a translation tool – it’s a complete audio and video transformation powerhouse. It provides functions like voice cloning, phonetic pronunciation, and audio background preservation.

All these make your content viral and engaging. It’s like having a custom-made voice actor delivering your message in any accent or language you need.



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