What Is AutoPod?

AutoPod is a must-have tool for video podcasts or online show editors. You no longer have to spend hours sitting at a desk hunched over your computer, cutting together hour after hour of footage.

AutoPod’s set of Adobe Premiere Pro plugins was created to automate the most time-consuming parts of editing shows and podcasts. One of the top features is the Multi-Camera Editor.

You can have it edit your multi-cam sequences for you, using up to 10 cameras and 10 microphones in tandem. All you gotta do is set everything up, hit start, and BOOM – nearly finished edit!

What’s even better is that everything is customizable. You’re able to make adjustments so that its actions match your style of editing specifically, such as adding more wide shots or saving certain presets as defaults.

However, these aren’t the only tricks up its sleeve; AutoPod also boasts an amazing Social Clip Creator. With one click, this plugin can produce all of the necessary clips for your social media platforms in the correct dimensions, along with any watermarks or closing slides if required.

So many creators use jump cuts in social media. Autopod’s Jump Cut Editor tool recognizes where there’s a pause in the sound of your video files and creates cuts right there so people stay engaged.



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