What Is immersity AI?

Formerly known as LeiaPix, immersity AI is currently the leading platform for AI-powered tools that can convert your regular images and videos into amazing 3D experiences. Whether you’re creating content for XR (extended reality) devices such as Apple Vision Pro or Meta Quest or just adding depth and motion to your digital images, imersity AI has got you covered.

immersity AI’s platform revolutionizes bringing your 2D creations into the third dimension. You can transform your static pictures and videos into immersive 3D artworks with depth and movement that will make the viewer feel more real than reality itself.

What makes their technology truly stand out are the depth maps along with editing features they offer which allow users to create highly detailed multilayered three-dimensional scenes capable of pulling people right into them like never before. It’s almost as if you’re entering an entirely different universe through only a few taps on your device screen.

If you need to know, the secret of immersity AI (or LeiaPix) is the Neural Depth Engine, built on an extensive collection of millions of three-dimensional photos. This guarantees very detailed depth maps and therefore accurate, stunning results with any input image or video.



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immersity AI (LeiaPix)

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