What Is Submagic?

Submagic uses advanced artificial intelligence to automatically add captions, b-roll clips, zooms, sound effects, and more to your videos in minutes. It analyzes your content and intelligently enhances it to capture audiences and boost watch time. 

Imagine being able to create viral short videos with ease! Submagic’s AI can generate captions in 48 languages so people everywhere can understand your message. It also suggests trendy templates, emojis, and keywords to emphasize your most important points and add emotion and visual interest.

Submagic also intelligently inserts stock videos and transitions between clips to strengthen your narrative with a single click. Its automatic zooms and cuts help focus viewers on impactful moments.

And you can include background music and sound effects. These elements help set the tone and keep people engaged throughout.

Best of all, Submagic writes optimized descriptions and relevant hashtags to help your content reach new audiences and increase engagement. It truly simplifies the process of creating top-notch short videos using the power of artificial intelligence.

>>> Watch the Submagic YouTube video tutorial



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