What Is Bland AI?

Bland is a platform that makes it easy to build AI phone agents with just a few lines of code. You can get started right away by signing up for an API key and $2 in free credits.

Bland’s tools allow you to program phone agents to handle various tasks. These include sales, customer support, B2B data collection, and more. 

A really useful feature is the ability to transfer live calls to a human if certain conditions are met. For example, an AI agent could answer basic questions but refer more complex issues to a person.

Bland also lets you integrate APIs so phone agents have live access to customer data while on a call. The platform offers a library of voices for the AI agents or you can create a custom voice clone.

Plus, Bland provides tools to fine-tune agents over time based on existing call data. This helps improve performance without risking inaccurate responses.

All in all, Bland gives you the infrastructure needed to build reliable, scalable phone automation. It also focuses on responsible and trustworthy use of this technology.



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Bland AI

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