What Is TimelinesAI?

TimelinesAI is a powerful WhatsApp management solution designed to empower businesses with multiple individual WhatsApp numbers. It’s a game-changer for companies that need to stay on top of their WhatsApp communications as they grow.

With TimelinesAI, you can gain 360-degree visibility and boost your performance on WhatsApp. You’ll have the ability to control your WhatsApp-CRM integrations with just one click, manage all your WhatsApp conversations in a multi-number shared inbox, and leverage powerful features like bulk sending.

Connecting your WhatsApp number to TimelinesAI is a breeze as it takes just a minute, with no coding required. This means you can start using WhatsApp as the most direct way to reach out to your clients, without getting bogged down by the challenges of managing multiple numbers.

TimelinesAI also offers some incredible features to help you simplify your team’s collaboration. You can create isolated teams within a single workspace, assign team supervisors, and establish separate roles for seamless organization.

Plus, you can integrate your WhatsApp communications directly with your CRM systems, like Pipedrive, HubSpot, Zoho, and Salesforce. But that’s not all!

TimelinesAI also allows your agents to start new chats right from the web interface, using your WhatsApp numbers. They can even send bulk messages to specific segments of your clients, without the limitations of the WhatsApp Business app.

And if you’re looking to automate your entry-level communication, TimelinesAI has you covered with its ChatGPT and WhatsApp autoresponder integration. You can set up a multilingual autoresponder in just a few minutes.

Plus, with the ChatGPT integration, you can generate detailed chat summaries to stay informed and efficient. And with the TimelinesAI WhatsApp Chrome extension, you can send WhatsApp messages and continue conversations straight from your CRM or ATS.



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