What Is Convolo.ai?

Convolo.ai is an innovative AI voice call assistant tool that can be helpful for businesses that utilize cold calling and customer support calls. Essentially, it allows you to train an AI agent with your company’s messaging and procedures.

Then with just one click, you can create thousands of copies of that virtual agent. This provides some key benefits over traditional human employees.

For one, the AI agents can work around the clock without breaks. They’ll never call in sick or need time off. Plus, they’re very cost-effective compared to hiring and managing a large human staff.

Another nice feature is Convolo’s quick callback option. This allows potential customers who have questions to easily request a callback. So you can address their needs promptly and help move them along in the purchasing process. 

The AI agents can also be integrated with many popular CRM and marketing tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and more. So everything stays nicely synced. 

Best of all, Convolo provides a success manager to help you set up the system. So you don’t need any technical expertise as they take care of the installation and training for you.



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