What Is Reviewly?

Reviewly.ai is a platform that uses the power of AI to make it easier for your customers to leave reviews and for you to engage with them. This tool is for you if you’re struggling with getting more reviews or responding to customer feedback.

If you didn’t know, reviews directly impact things like search rankings, website traffic, and lead generation. But many users are lazy to write them or simply don’t have time.

This is where Reviewly’s AI-crafted review options come into play. The AI review management tool provides customers with pre-written review templates.

It becomes effortless for people to provide quick feedback without staring at a blank page, wondering what to say. Also, Reviewly can generate responses to customer feedback for you to save time.

But Reviewly doesn’t stop there. The platform also makes it simple for you to collect and respond to reviews, particularly on Google. With Reviewly, you can invite customers to review your business via SMS (which has a higher open rate compared to other messaging channels).

Once you’ve connected your Google Business Profile and set up your preferences, Reviewly takes care of the rest. You can rest assured that your online visibility and trustworthiness will go up.



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