What Is IsOn24?

IsOn24 is an AI voice assistant that can be helpful for businesses like service providers, realtors, contractors, and more. It answers phone calls for your business so clients can book appointments easily over the phone, by text, or online.

IsOn24 also handles text messages and online chats, keeping everything organized on one simple screen to communicate more efficiently with customers. You’ll be able to see all upcoming appointments in your calendar. 

Setting it up is simple. IsOn24 comes pre-trained so you just select your type of business and you’re ready to go.

You can also connect it to any CRMs, scheduling, or calendar apps you already use through online links or Zapier. Best of all, IsOn24 can queue calls when you’re unavailable so your whole team can answer phones from any device.

The AI voice assistant will answer questions just like you would, using either a computer-generated voice or your own recorded voice. And so, the tool can help automate some of your customer service and make your business more accessible.



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