What Is Botnation AI?

Botnation AI is a powerful AI-powered solution that can transform your customer engagement and skyrocket your business growth. It suits you if you struggle to generate qualified leads and boost your sales.

With Botnation, you’re able to create a unique conversational experience for your prospects through copy-pasting and dragging and dropping. You can build a powerful chatbot in minutes without writing any code.

The process is simple. You can either start from a pre-made template or follow the available easy-to-use tutorials.

Now, the real magic happens when you connect your Botnation chatbot to the tools you already use. You can easily integrate your chatbot with your CRM, APIs, and other software to quickly save all the collected data within your workflows.

And when it comes to analyzing and managing your chatbot’s performance, Botnation has got you covered. It’s possible to create funnels, set your KPIs, and A/B test your content given that Botnation has the tools you need to track and optimize your chatbot for maximum impact.

Botnation also combines the power of AI chatbots with live chat to provide an enhanced customer experience. It allows for a smooth handover between the bot and your human agents, managing multiple advisors, and accessing comprehensive user information the bot collects.



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Botnation AI

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