What Is Krisp?

Krisp is an AI tool that can help make your meetings and calls much more productive. Krisp acts as your virtual assistant for any video meeting or calls.

One of its main features is advanced noise cancellation which uses artificial intelligence to filter out background noises and distractions. This is great because it ensures only your voice comes through clearly on calls, even if others are talking in the same room as you.

It also provides full transcription services for all your meetings and calls. Krisp will generate an accurate written record of everything that was said. This is helpful if you need to review any important details discussed after the fact.

On top of that, it creates high-level meeting notes and summaries so you have a quick way to see the key topics, decisions made, next steps agreed on, and so on. It’s almost like having your own personal note-taker in the background of every call.

The best part is that Krisp allows for unlimited use of the transcription feature completely free of charge. So it’s a very cost-effective way to boost your productivity and get more out of every online meeting or voice conversation.



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