What Is Spinach.io?

Spinach.io is an AI tool that acts as your team’s AI project manager to keep everything organized and on track. It’s able to join your video meetings and use artificial intelligence to automatically generate instant meeting notes. These notes include all the key decisions made, action items discussed, and ticket suggestions based on the conversation.

Some really helpful features it provides include sending those meeting note summaries directly to your team in Slack or email. This ensures everyone stays up to date even if they can’t attend. It also allows you to stop taking your own notes during the meeting so you can stay fully engaged in the discussion.

Afterward, Spinach makes it simple to remember exactly what was decided on and agreed to move forward with. Any action items can easily be turned into a new ticket or issue in the project management tools you already use like Jira.

It has been designed with agile project teams in mind by including templates for common meeting types. And it integrates seamlessly into platforms your team is already using for maximum compatibility.

The best part is Spinach offers this AI project management assistance for free up to 50 users and 100 meetings per month. So it could be a real time-saver for keeping projects on track without adding extra costs to your team.



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