What Is Speak Ai?

Speak Ai is an advanced meeting assistant with powerful qualitative research, data visualization, and automatic transcription capabilities. It’s able to automatically join your video conferences on platforms like Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet to record and transcribe everything that’s discussed. 

This means you’ll never miss out on an important action item or decision just because you couldn’t attend or got distracted taking your own notes. Speak AI acts like an extra set of ears and provides a full written transcript after the call. 

Its transcription functionality also means you can quickly search and analyze what was said to find relevant information. For example, you could look up a certain topic that was covered or see what a particular person contributed. This would be a huge timesaver compared to sifting through hours of recorded audio.

It’s also interesting that you can customize Speak Ai’s name and profile picture so it blends right in on your calls rather than feeling like an intrusive bot. The transcription is then attached to a friendly “virtual assistant” that meeting attendees will already be familiar with. 

Speak AI also allows for converting audio and video to text and importing CSV files for bulk analysis (something ideal for organizations conducting large studies). You’re also able to able to directly create prompts and receive responses from the AI to gather rich and nuanced perspectives on any data.



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Speak Ai

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