What Is Otter.ai?

Otter is a powerful meeting assistant that uses AI to take notes for you. First of all, Otter instantly transcribes everything said in a meeting as it happens.

The tool recognizes each speaker and formats the transcript so it’s easy to follow along. But Otter’s magic doesn’t stop there.

Otter can also record the audio and capture any slides or whiteboards. This allows you to go easily back and reference specific parts of the discussion later.

Another area where Otter shines is extracting important details. The AI analyzes the content and automatically pulls out topics, tasks, and action items mentioned.

What’s more, Otter can generate summaries for you. It understands what was discussed and compiles a high-level recap so you don’t have to wade through lengthy transcripts.

The result is you get to focus more on the meeting itself rather than writing notes. You can summarize and review meetings up to 30 times faster than doing it manually. Otter is a real time-saver for anyone who has to sit through numerous presentations, calls, or conferences each week.



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