What Is Sembly AI?

Semby AI is an AI meeting assistant tool for taking notes during meetings and keeping teams organized afterward. It uses artificial intelligence to generate detailed notes and summaries for your video meetings automatically.

This is great because it takes care of note-taking for you so you can focus fully on the discussion. Then afterward, you have a full record of everything without having to re-listen to a long recording.

The notes it produces include things like a high-level summary, all the specific topics that were talked about, details on action items, important decisions made, and more. It even identifies who said what which is helpful for attribution. And everything is time-stamped so you can easily go back and find the part you need.

Another nice feature is that Sembly makes all your past meeting notes fully searchable. So if you ever need to recall something from a prior meeting, you can search for the keyword, main topic, or attendee instead of going through every record.

Sembly can also attend meetings on your behalf when you’re double-booked or busy with other things. That way, you still get the full detailed notes even if you can’t make it.



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Sembly AI

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