What Is MeetGeek?

MeetGeek is an AI tool for making meetings more productive and keeping everyone on the same page. It automatically handles all the note-taking tasks so you can focus on meaningful discussions. 

Rather than lengthy recordings that are rarely rewatched, MeetGeek transforms them into brief, easy-to-digest summaries of the key topics and highlights. The summaries are written in clear and human-like language so it’s simple to understand the most important points quickly.

MeetGeek also provides meeting transcripts with timestamps, so you can easily find specific parts of the discussion. Plus, it auto-tags action items, concerns raised, and other important details to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

The tool also allows you to share notes seamlessly with teammates. You can distribute summaries directly into our favorite work tools like Notion, Trello, or Slack to keep information accessible in one centralized place.



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