What Is Orimon.ai?

Orimon.ai is a sales agent tool that uses AI to increase your income when you’re not available to work. It serves as a 24/7 assistant that can communicate with your site visitors and help them during the purchase process to boost conversions.

This AI sales agent can connect to your data sources with just a few clicks and effortlessly train itself using your website, documents, and more. There won’t be a need for long and laborious AI model training.

And when it comes to customization, Orimon.ai lets you style your agent to perfectly match your brand identity. You can tweak the appearance and conversational tone to make every interaction personal and engaging.

To get the bot to work, you just need to embed a simple code onto your website. From there, you can enjoy the visitor engagement and lead qualification benefits of Orimon.ai without ever needing to set up lead forms.

And if you ever need a human touch, Orimon.ai’s approach of merging AI and human support has got your back. Your AI agent knows exactly when to step back and let your human representatives take over to ensure that your customers get the best possible experience.

And here’s the best part – you can get your AI agent up and running in just 2 minutes with no credit card required. The first chatbot you create is free!



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