What Is Laxis?

Laxis is an artificial intelligence meeting assistant that can help you maximize every customer conversation. It was designed to effortlessly capture and distill key insights and ensure your most important interactions are fully documented. 

With Laxis, you can stay focused on the customer during meetings while Laxis takes verbatim notes for you. It will flag any items that require follow-up so nothing falls through the cracks.

When the meeting ends, Laxis can automatically generate a detailed summary within seconds to capture all the main points, customer needs, pain points, and action items.

Follow-ups are simplified too. Laxis can instantly create personalized follow-up emails with all the necessary details from the meeting. Plus, with a single click, you can save everything directly into your CRM system for easy access and organization later. 

The insights don’t stop after one meeting either. Laxis can extract relevant information across multiple conversations, so you gain valuable perspectives from your cumulative customer interactions.

Its intelligence also means you can ask it questions at any time and receive prompt answers drawing from your past meeting records. This way, you don’t have to go through everything.



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